Preschool Sunday School

Welcome to Sunday School for preschoolers where we focus on giving children a first impression of their loving heavenly Father.  Everything we teach is based on one of three simple but powerful truths.  We strive to meet preschoolers where they are cognitively, spiritually, physically, emotionally, and socially.  Through age-appropriate activities, preschoolers are building their spiritual foundation so that by the time they move up to our elementary-age ministry they know these three basic truths:
* God made me.
* God loves me.
* Jesus wants to be my friend forever.
Our loving and caring teachers engage children in Bible lessons, crafts, purposeful play, singing, and other age-appropriate activities to incite wonder and provoke discovery in their hearts about the God who loves them.
This month in Preschool Sunday School:
We have some BIG NEWS for you! Are you ready for it?
Okay, okay. You already know that, but for many of the preschoolers who will be celebrating Easter with us, this will not only be BIG NEWS, it will be NEW news as well! We have the awesome privilege of telling preschoolers that Jesus is God’s Son, He is alive, and He wants to be their friend forever. It truly is BIG NEWS!
Week one, we will hear the wonderful story of how Jesus lived, died and came back, just like He promised. We want every preschooler to remember the big news that Jesus is alive and He wants to be their friend forever!
Story Focus: I can tell others Jesus is alive.
During week two, we will learn how the early church didn’t just tell others the big news about Jesus. They showed them by taking care of one other.
Story Focus: I can show and tell others about Jesus.
In week three, we get to hear the amazing story of how Saul changed when he met Jesus. He went from hurting people who loved Jesus to telling everyone about Jesus! Talk about a change!
Story Focus: People can change when they know Jesus.
Week four, Paul and Silas show us that no matter how hard it is, we can tell others about Jesus.
Story Focus: I can tell others about Jesus even when it’s hard.
We will wrap up the month with week five learning about how to give the best gift, just like Peter and John did. And what is the best gift? Well, Jesus of course!
Story Focus: Telling others about Jesus is the best gift I can give.
Parent Cue helps parents continue their preschooler’s learning at home.  You’ll find ideas for Play Time, Drive Time, Bath Time, Cuddle Time, and Morning Time that reinforce Sunday’s lesson.  It’s easier than you might think!
This month’s downloads:
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