Preschool Sunday School

Welcome to Sunday School for preschoolers where we focus on giving children a first impression of their loving heavenly Father.  Everything we teach is based on one of three simple but powerful truths.  We strive to meet preschoolers where they are cognitively, spiritually, physically, emotionally, and socially.  Through age-appropriate activities, preschoolers are building their spiritual foundation so that by the time they move up to our elementary-age ministry they know these three basic truths:
* God made me.
* God loves me.
* Jesus wants to be my friend forever.
Our loving and caring teachers engage children in Bible lessons, crafts, purposeful play, singing, and other age-appropriate activities to incite wonder and provoke discovery in their hearts about the God who loves them.
This month in Preschool Sunday School:
Preschoolers love showing us what they can do. They are full of WATCH THIS moments. And it can be anything – turning in a circle, running and jumping on a pile of pillows, curtseying like a princess, or my favorite, making their eyebrows go up and down. I love it when they learn how to do that. Their facial expressions are hilarious!
Pretty much anything a preschooler can do falls into the WATCH THIS category, simply because they think anything they learn how to do deserves a WATCH THIS moment.
This month we’re going to run with that theme and the words ‘WATCH THIS!’ will be said… A LOT! For all of you science experiment fans, you’re going to have a blast! Any messes that will be made will be TOTALLY worth it. We want to invite preschoolers to WATCH THIS as we do a few impressive things so we can lead them to the ONE who can do ANYTHING!
The goal for this month is to learn that Jesus is the one to watch, because JESUS CAN DO ANYTHING!
We’ll begin the month talking about the time Jesus caught all of those fish after Peter caught nothing. Can you imagine Jesus saying, ‘Hey Peter! Watch this!’ as He pulled up the net filled with fish? Jesus can do things we can’t. Peter wasn’t able to catch fish on his own. But, with Jesus, his nets were filled! Only Jesus can do that! Jesus can do anything.
Or, how about the time Jesus walked on water. That was definitely a WATCH THIS moment! Jesus can do what is impossible. I can’t walk on water. Can you? Can your preschoolers? No. We can’t. It’s impossible for us. But, nothing is impossible for Jesus. Jesus can do anything.
Then, there’s the time Jesus fed over 5,000 people with five loaves of bread and two fish. Can you imagine the look on the disciples’ faces as they watched the food keep coming and coming and coming and then as they picked up the leftovers? Nothing is too hard for Jesus. Feeding all those people seemed an impossible task for the disciples. But, nothing is too hard for Jesus to do. Jesus can do anything.
We’ll end the month with Jesus doing something else only He can do – turning water into wine, or as we like to call it in preschool world, ‘Super Fancy Party Drink.’ Preschoolers may not know what wine is, but they know it’s a fancy party when you’ve got juice boxes or punch. Preschoolers love watching water turn into super fancy party drink. Only, we have to use drink powder to make it happen. Jesus did it all by Himself because Jesus can do anything.
The little eyes of preschoolers are always on us watching and learning. We have an awesome opportunity this month to direct those eyes to the One worthy of watching – the One who truly can do anything – the One who wants to be their friend forever. And hey, who wouldn’t want a friend who can do anything?

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