Elementary Sunday School

Welcome to Sunday School for elementary kids where we focus on helping 1st-5th graders discover Jesus and reflect His character to the world around them.  Everything we teach is based on one of three simple but powerful truths:
* I need to make the wise choice.  {WISDOM}
* I can trust God no matter what.  {FAITH}
* I should treat others the way I want to be treated.  {FRIENDSHIP}
Each month is built around teaching a Life App…a quality of God’s character that God wants to build into our lives.  Each Life App is unpacked through a weekly Bottom Line…a short phrase so easy to remember that it can be reinforced at home throughout the week.
Children are divided into small groups by grade-level.  Our Small Group Leaders are a parent’s best friend as they teach and relationally invest in the children, serving as another adult voice echoing the same values and truths as parents do. 
This month in Elementary Sunday School:
Every good and perfect gift comes from God. In fact, generosity is at the very core of God’s character—He even gave us His own son, Jesus! Jesus showed unwavering generosity as He traded His life for ours.
And, because God gave us Jesus and Jesus gave His life, we can be generous towards others. Not only that, but when we are generous towards others, we prove that we love God by loving the people He
loves. We pray that this Christmas, as kids celebrate God’s amazing generosity, they’ll see how they can be generous with their family, friends, and neighbors.
Dec. 3
God Gave Us Jesus
1 John 4:9-11

BL:  Because God gave, I can give.

Dec. 10 
Parable of the Rich Man
Luke 12:13-21 

BL:  Don’t miss your chance to give.

Dec. 17 
Be Rich
1 Timothy 6:18
BL:  Look for creative ways to give.

Dec. 24
Jesus is Born!
Luke 2:1-18
BL:  God gave us Jesus.
Dec. 31 
Wise Men Visit Jesus
Matthew 2:1-12
BL:  Give like you’re giving to God.
Parent Cue helps parents continue their child’s learning at home.  You’ll find ideas for Morning Time, Drive Time, Meal Time, and Bed Time that reinforce Sunday’s lesson.  It’s easier than you might think!
This month’s downloads:

You can also download the Parent Cue app for iPhone and Android.  Find out more by clicking here!
This Family Advent Calendar will help you and your family prepare for Christmas.  Starting on Dec. 1, each day will lead you through a part of the Christmas story and suggest an activity that is sure to get your family in the Christmas spirit!